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Legal Aid

We hold Contracts with the Legal Aid Agency to Provide Advice , Assistance and Representation under the Legal Aid Scheme.

Police Station Advice

Legal Aid is available to cover the full costs of providing advice and representation at the police station.This is not means tested and is available to everyone requiring advice either under arrest or as a volunteer at the police station for interview. We provide a 24 hour a day ,7 day a week service.

Magistrates Court

Legal Aid may be available to cover the costs of providing advice and representation at the Magistrates Court in relation to criminal prosecutions, subject to an individual’s means, and whether it is considered that the case merits the grant of Legal Aid. If your case merits the grant of Legal Aid we will submit an application for Legal Aid in your case should we believe you will pass the Means Test. If your Legal Aid is refused on Means we will be able to provide you with a Competetive Quote to represent you on a Privately Funded Basis. We can agree a fixed fee with you if you require.

Crown Court

As more serious cases appear before the Crown Court all cases will merit the grant of legal aid. Legal Aid representation before the Crown Court is also subject to a means test.The means test in relation to Crown Court Proceedings is different to that in the Magistrates Court and so legal aid could still be granted in the Crown Court, even when it has been refused for the same matter in the Magistrates Court.


Legal Aid can be granted with or without a contribution following a full means assessment. 

We assist clients in the completion of Legal Aid Applications and the provision of all necessary documentation in support of such applications, and where necessary, conduct appeals against the decision to refuse the grant of Legal Aid. 

We will advise a client as to the likelihood of the grant of Legal Aid and any cost implications as to Recovery Orders. Where Legal Aid cannot be obtained, we will provide a quotation for the cost of representation on a private fee paying basis. 

We can provide fixed fee representation to any client who is ineligible for legal aid.This enables our clients to know the costs of their case from start to finish.


Recovery of Defence Costs Orders

Please note that if you pay for your Legal Fees on a Privately Funded basis in the Crown Court you will be unable to recover those cost even if you are sucessful in being acquitted on the charges you face, unless you have made an application for Legal Aid and it has been refused.